Pastor David Santana Sr.

Pastor David Santana Sr. was born in Guantánamo, Cuba. After living Cuba as a teenager he moved to New York City where he started to work in the ministry as an Assistant Pastor in 1973. He continued his development in the ministry in Puerto Rico as an Associate Pastor and worked with international ministries. Pastor David has taken the word of God to many places including, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba and United States. In 2004 Pastor David Santana Sr. founded Restoration Christian Church (Iglesia Cristiana de Restauración). Pastor David is also the President of Restoration Ministries (Ministerios de Restauración).

Prophetess & Teacher María Santana

Maria was born and raised in Puerto Rico. At the age of fifteen years old she became a youth Teacher at the Methodist Church in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Later on, Maria became the main Teacher at the Asociación Bíblica y Misionera de Puerto Rico. In the decades of the 70s and 80s she served as a missionary in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala and Venezuela. In several of these countries, she ministered in conferences to hundreds of men and women. Today, next to her husband Pastor David Santana Sr., Maria functions as both a Teacher and Prophetess.

Pastor David Santana Jr.

Pastor David Santana Jr. is the Assistant Pastor for the Restoration Christian Church (Iglesia Cristiana de Restauración) and Restoration Ministries (Ministerios de Restauración). Pastor David was born and raised on the Island of Puerto Rico and since 2004 has been an Associate Pastor in the city of Bloomington IL. His passion for the nations has taken him to many places including Russia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Pastor David’s prophetic revelation and teachings have been a blessing to many. He, along with his wife Regina Santana, are passionate about sharing the message of restoration to families throughout the world.